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Gorgeous work,so unique! Alice Anne is my favorite. Though they are all stunning works of art. It would be a privilege to own one.
by Eileen Butler-Pacheco at 2:12 PM on 12/1/2023

Stella is lovely 🥰
by Janet at 12:26 PM on 11/18/2023

by Nancy at 10:38 PM on 10/6/2023

Looking at website
by Tracy Mullen at 2:10 AM on 4/5/2022

I want to pre-order Pearl, but do not see where to order her on the Marble Halls site. Is she listed somewhere else?
by Judith Troike gohawks72@y at 4:17 PM on 7/1/2021

I want to pre-order Pearl, but do not see where to order her on the Marble Halls site. Is she listed somewhere else?
by Judith Troike gohawks72@y at 4:16 PM on 7/1/2021

Hello. I want to know if the info regarding Stella on this site is current. Or is there a new updated site?? I really want a Vintage full set Stella doll. Thank you
by Sharon Caplan at 1:37 AM on 7/15/2020

Is Little Stella available for purchase, if not when would she be available again, love her....
by Tricia at 7:06 PM on 3/25/2019

My goal is to be able to purchase one of your dreamy creations very, very soon <3
by Cristan at 11:25 PM on 7/5/2018

Every doll you create is a window to the soul...and so many facets.
by Nellis Horton at 5:41 PM on 6/28/2018

Every doll you create is a window to the soul...and so many facets.
by Nellis Horton at 5:41 PM on 6/28/2018

Is this website still active or is there a new one?
by JoAnn R at 1:58 PM on 12/30/2017

Hi Connie, I am looking forward to getting my pink Stella, as for hair and eyes, surprise me, all your choices are wonderful. Thank you. I am in the middle of Irma right now. ????
by Valerie robinson at 1:41 PM on 9/9/2017

Would be interested in a Marta or a marvel . Do you have any for sale?
by Valerie robinson at 5:22 PM on 9/8/2017

Wondering if I can still order Sasha? Tried to email you previously. Please let me know,
by Michele DAmato at 8:10 AM on 9/8/2016

Please make sure I am on your friends list. Have not been able to read any updates or make any comments. Hate missing all the wonderful pictures of your upcoming girls. Thank you. Karen
by Karen nalle at 10:44 AM on 3/22/2015

Just wanted to make sure I am on your friends list - I don't think I jointed anything on this site, but have on facebook. Please make sure I am on the friends list so I get ALL of your information. Hugs, Patti
by Patti Grieshaber at 5:33 PM on 10/28/2014

Just wanted to make sure I am on your friends list - I don't think I jointed anything on this site, but have on facebook. Please make sure I am on the friends list so I get ALL of your information. Hugs, Patti
by Patti Grieshaber at 5:33 PM on 10/28/2014

HI...missed you pre-order for Oops and there any chance that you could let me know when you next have a pre-order for you sprockets? Thanks.
by Maureen at 3:16 PM on 11/15/2013

I am trying to order Grim - I don't think the emails went through. I have Hope and just love her. She needs a friend. Grim fullset.
by Lucy Crosby at 2:50 PM on 11/9/2013

Just love your shoes where can I order them from ?
by Gigi at 5:02 PM on 10/30/2013

I like soo much your Dolls, you are a very great Artist!
by Antonella Chignoli at 8:38 AM on 8/26/2013

Dear Connie, I am in love with your boots where do I get them from? Denise
by at 10:57 PM on 8/18/2013

Dear Connie, Are there any updates for basic Marvel's delivery? Thank you. Kind regards
by Elyse at 4:41 PM on 7/31/2013

Î-î-î...ÿ òàê õî÷ó Ìàðòó è Ëèççè!!!! Ýòî ìîÿ ìå÷òà....
by Ëþäìèëà at 12:55 AM on 7/20/2013

I wish i could but i dont reopen a sculpt. I have more sculpts coming. Also there will be a few ooaks of Lizzie and Marta ...just a few.
by at 9:24 PM on 7/16/2013

I wish i could but i dont reopen a sculpt. I have more sculpts coming. Also there will be a few ooaks of Lizzie and Marta ...just a few.
by at 9:23 PM on 7/16/2013

Dear Connie,make another pre-order the Eppie,Marta and Lizzie.I like them much.
by Ëþäìèëà at 4:10 PM on 7/16/2013

Signed up for Connie's event at MDCC this year. It is my fist doll convention. Just now have to wait for September.
by Mary Lou at 2:14 PM on 6/28/2013

Hi Janet, Connie just released her third Sprocket, Hope, through DOLLS magazines. She's available for pre-order at
by Carie at 11:37 AM on 6/20/2013

August? That is my best guess.
by at 11:50 PM on 5/28/2013

Dear Connie, Do you have an approximate arrival date for the basic version of Marvel? A ballpark figure would be fine. :0) Thank you! Kind regards, Elyse
by at 3:19 PM on 5/24/2013

Dear Connie, Is there any chance of me buying LuLu? I adore her face! And Connie, are there any Sprockets left? Do you have any of the "Bohemian" dolls left that you could part with? Regards, Janet
by at 1:00 AM on 5/24/2013

Helene, At the moment I have to say no to a book. No time to even think on it. Maybe some day. Mary Lu, I do plan on a doll that size for MDCC this year. Connie
by at 6:32 PM on 1/15/2013

I just had to say one more think: with their different look Meek and Glum just made me smile, even I was a little sad. And then, that was okey to feel to
by Helene at 1:28 PM on 12/21/2012

Hello. I wrote an email to you about your fantastic mood dolls, showing emotions, different emotions, and was wondering about making a chilldrens book with and about them. I have not heard from you, but maybe you hear my whispering in the wood now. Like a bird in the christmas tree!
by Helene at 1:24 PM on 12/21/2012

I was able to adopt a LuLu and find her adorable. And I love her size. Do you plan on making any friends for her?
by Mary Lou at 2:17 PM on 12/6/2012

I have pics of the sprockets in the forsale section the next available Eppies will be posted there with details also when they are ready. Thanks for all the compliments everyone! Connie Lowe
by Connie at 10:18 AM on 10/26/2012

Hi Connie, Would it be possible to post information about your Eppie dolls that will be for sale, along with your new Sprockets, on your website along with your FaceBook site? This - for those of us who are not on FB. Many thanks for considering it. Elyse
by Elyse at 5:46 PM on 10/24/2012

I wish I had gotten a Lulu at the convention. She is just too cute. Will you be offering any other new dolls soon?
by JoAnn at 3:04 PM on 10/22/2012

I was fortunate to find a LuLu to adopt and love this sweet little imp. She may be small in stature but she's huge in personality. LuLu joins big sister Winona who has become my all-time favorite doll - and I have a LOT of dolls. Please keep them coming, Connie, I LOVE your creations!
by Elyse at 9:16 PM on 10/17/2012

Hi Connie, I enjoyed talking to you at MDCC. Can hardly wait to get my Winona! Can't wait to see the other outfits you have planned for her!
by Judy Troike at 5:07 PM on 9/29/2012

Hey Connie - Love my MDCC 2012 convention doll so much. Wonderful sculpt like all your other dolls. I will treasure her always! It was also nice meeting you in person and talking o you. I also loved the slide show on the doll and her companions. Hope the book comes out, so I can own a copy of her story. Dollie hugs - Aaron in Vegas ~
by Aaron Egawa at 3:09 PM on 9/25/2012

Hi Connie, Love my Rian by you I got at Austin Convention, great to see you, Winona is one of my favourites here too, she is so versatile, suits many different looks, just love her.
by Jackie at 12:50 PM on 9/20/2012

I just got my Eppie today! I JUST LOVE HER! I think she is your best work yet and hope there will be more like her. She needs one of your turn of the century swim suits with a matching parasail.
by Nona at 7:45 PM on 9/10/2012

Awesome!! I love my new girl I acquired from you in Austin!! I'm a big fan. Gorgeous display, gorgeous dolls!
by Jill at 12:49 PM on 8/12/2012

Hi, I saw your amazing girls in Austin, I am still just in awe. Eppie is so adorable!
by Sharon at 10:30 AM on 8/6/2012

The more I see of your work/art/creations the more I admire you ... your hand make dreams come true...
by Virginie at 3:59 AM on 5/16/2012

I am hoping that the DOTY folks recognize your brilliance!!! -amy
by at 2:10 PM on 1/28/2012

Just back again to get my daily fix of both Winona and Eppie. I was lucky enough to be able to get both, and can't wait until they come home. Good luck at IDEX--you will be a smashing success.
by Christin at 8:27 PM on 1/18/2012

Eppie is so cute! She reminds me of you! I want one! Consider her sold!
by AMY M at 10:30 PM on 1/14/2012

Oh, Connie; just so excited about Winona. I remember when I first saw her beautiful head on Britta's forum a couple of years ago, I believe it was. I'll be looking for the opportunity to reserve her!
by Shelly at 10:24 PM on 1/10/2012

Eppie is fabulous. I love her expression. Such soulful eyes. I can't wait to hear more about her.
by Christin K at 2:19 PM on 10/25/2011

Hello, I am wondering if you have thought any more about producing resin antique doll reproductions. I would like to have a French fashion doll, but want a durable, dressable body that is affordable. Thanks.
by Carol at 2:12 PM on 10/3/2011

She is my special dream girl! Love her sweet moon face with her so big eyes!!!
by Elodie at 4:51 PM on 10/1/2011

Eppie is adorable and unique!
by Bonnie at 7:13 PM on 9/30/2011

Eppie is such a cutie!!!
by Kristin at 5:15 PM on 9/30/2011

you had beautful Dolls at UFDC
by diane tigue at 10:36 AM on 11/20/2010

I loved the dolls you presented at the convention in Chicago. I would love to buy some outfits and wigs.When will you be selling them?
by Susan Frushtick at 12:24 AM on 8/5/2010

Just returned from UFDC in Chicago with one of your amazing dolls. You enhanced my antique collection with art, creativity, beauty and whimsy. Many thanks from a new fan!
by Beverly Baker at 4:30 PM on 7/26/2010

Awwwwwe~ I got these doll magazine things, and I saw your dolls~ I had to check them out!~ They're beautiful; I love the style of them! Nyaaaa~ I'm asking my mom to get me one~
by Kisa Sohma at 9:19 PM on 7/15/2010

When can we expect new shoes and outfits for 13,7,and 5 year dollstown dolls?
by carol odonnell at 11:27 AM on 7/13/2010

Love those shoes and boots but, how does one order when they are always sold out? Is there an order blank somewhere? I'll search again...
by Wendy Rundel at 3:17 PM on 5/25/2010

i love these dolls, and i love the marie antoinette style doll. i wish it was for sale
by jo johnson at 4:30 PM on 4/19/2010

i can't wait for my girls to wear those amazing shoes and wigs!!
by Jessica Rosario at 12:29 PM on 4/4/2010

Love your work - I have ordered Alice Ballerina and White Rabbit from SPWD!
by Deanna Sosnowski at 5:46 AM on 3/27/2010

I'm so excited about your plans to offer more items for sale on the web site. Just ordered one of your Seaside outfits from TTS.
by Jean at 5:00 AM on 3/11/2010

i love your out look towards art and dolls. artists need to create and it is a pleasure to give joy to others. hugs t.
by firinne828 at 9:12 AM on 2/11/2010

As a longtime UFDC member I am so excited about your BJD things! The new shoes are amazing, I hope to be able to get some, they are JUST what we have been looking for
by Lolly at 6:20 PM on 2/10/2010

I think your fashions are amazing. I participated in a 2009 IDEX drawing for one of your ballerina outfits, but was not the winner. What a lucky that was to leave with that prize. I will have to keep checking back here to be able to possibly snatch up one of your creations. You are definitely an inspiration for me to keep sewing. Thank you.
by a dollfies dream at 11:50 PM on 10/2/2009

Your outfits for the BJD are so unique and fully of fantasy. I just love them!!!
by Maureen at 1:45 PM on 9/27/2009

Gorgeous outfits, and wonderful interpretation of characters. I love your work!
by Alison Rasmussen at 4:46 PM on 9/1/2009

Connie, I knew you were an amazing seamstress years back when you offered for sale some of your wonderful dresses for antique dolls. Now, it's really awesome to see the evolution of your thoughts and talents come together in this refreshing way. I love BJDs and look forward to owning one of your creations. It was such fun visiting your site. Thanks for giving us a peek into your BJD world and I'll surely be back! Dominique
by Dominique Perrin at 1:09 PM on 8/5/2009

Your dolls and handcrafted costumes are incredible. I am very impressed! You are certainly a multi-talented lady. Is there anything you cannot do?
by Brenda Lutz at 7:29 PM on 6/20/2009

Your work is wonderful! How exciting to discover that we share a passion for antique dolls and BJDs. I love the whimsy and wit you stitch into your costumes.
by Lynn Murray at 12:57 AM on 4/3/2009

REally love what you are doing incorporating the old with the new... amazing. I'm so thankful to have one of your Degas outfits. My dolly loves it.
by Wendy Rundel at 8:33 PM on 3/23/2009

WOW!! I am sure that I have no new or wonderful words that haven't already been said about your art. I like what you said about dreams and our roots too. I have a doll dream and it is to find one of Kaye Wiggs Dolls that I can buy and to someday own one of your beautiful blended outfits for that doll. I am so glad there are talented people like you in our world. It makes me happy just browsing your web pages. I'm on DoA too, under Alluringdoll. I'll be looking forward to your next submission. Sorry, this is
by Lynda McAffee at 9:37 PM on 3/22/2009