Price: Sold
TWIG is open for order now through the end of April.

A non refundable deposit of $195 will hold her for you.
She is 46cm slim MSD, about 17".
She will come with four options and prices.

1.Blank, $695

2. simple fullset UNPAINTED. Will come either with basic dress(varies) or onesie and tee(varies), wig, eyes and shoes. $795

3. Simple fullset PAINTED by me, Basic Dress, or onesie tee set, wig, eyes and shoes. $895

4. Special fullset Painted by me, special antique lace dress or layered coat and basic dress, Wig, eyes, shoes $995

Shipping in US is $15, outside the US is $50

As always clothing and wigs are random but please on your final payments make requests and I will do my best to accommodate.
You will be able to chose freckles or no freckles also.
These decisions don't need to be made now. All I need at the moment is a deposit to determine how many dolls to make.

I do not repeat orders so this is the only preorder. As with all my dolls I order 15-20 that I take to shows to sell.

If you need special arrangements please email me at
Your preorder is not confirmed via email..your DEPOSIT is your confirmation.
Deposits should be sent to and please note it is for TWIG preorder.
You do not have to email me personally first (you can just send deposit) but feel free to do so if you wish.

I hope for a summer delivery and will keep you posted via mass email.

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