Price: Blank $695. Painted, wig, eyes, nude $895, Simple fullset PAINTED $995, OOAK Special fullset $1295
Due to demand I am opening Sasha's preorder for Mothers Day...
Preorder will start May 6th 2016 and remain open until June 6th 2016

Sasha is 52 cm and is on the same body as Olga except the hands are changed. She is sweet and full of personality and is in my soft cream color like the Sprockets! She will be offered several ways...

1. Blank with paint, no clothes...$695
2. Painted by me with wig eyes but nude, $895
3. Simple fullset...painted by me with pullup onesie(like the Sprockets) with long sleeve Tee and socks and shoes, or simply skirt corset, leggings, etc.$995
4. OOAK special fullset...dressed in my more elaborate clothes with shoes,you can discuss special things you would like. $1295

A deposit of $195 will hold any of these choices...if you need a smaller deposit please arrange with me in advance.
orders will be placed by making a do NOT need to email me in advance unless you need to discuss the deposit.

Your paypal receipt is your confirmation. This cuts down on the number of emails and on the confusion or missed orders. If you wish confirmation of me when you pay and I can email you back.

The email to order with is and PLEASE make sure your order has the dolls name on it.

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