Price: Blank $995 Simple Fullset $1195 Vintage Fullset $1495
Stella is my new unique 20" ball jointed resin doll.
She was designed to represent and honor the children from the depression era.
For more details on that there is a great article in last months Dolls Magazine.

Stella's preorder is technically open.
The main thing I need to know when you order is resin color....other choices can be made later.

To order.....
*A *NONREFUNDABLE * deposit of $195 is due at preorder.
This can be made via PayPal to
Or if you wish via check, you can email me for address if this is the case.
*You may continue to pay monthly if you wish so the balance is not too high when she is in house.
*Yes, you may continue to pay once she has arrived in house but you MUST make a monthly payment.
*On your deposit you MUST write the name Stella and a resin color either pink, white or cream.
* may order more than one but I need a deposit for each.
*There will be three options ...

1. Blank, an unpainted doll with no eyes, no wig, no clothes.

2. Simple fullset .Painted, dressed basic. This will be a fully dressed doll of newer cotton reproduction fabric to represent the the late 1920s-early1940s. Clothing will be random , shoes will be provided as well. Wigs will be random but I will try to honor requests.

3. Vintage fullset..these will be dressed in vintage fabric with some special details..and accessories . Special attention will be paid to making a unique individual child. If you have some special requests I will try working with those to make her yours.

*As always I will try to honor requests for hair color or color schemes but I can not guarantee full compliance.
*Stella is very heavy...I have to check shipping prices.
Shipping will be added to the last payment.
*If you have a layaway now, may make a deposit to hold a Stella..however all old layaways must be paid in full before I can ship the new order .
* I will have extra clothes and shoes available at some point.
Any please,

Thanks everyone.

Color, cream, white

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